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Piccolo (dbl Alto Flute)

Flute 1

Flute 2


English Horn

Bassoon 1

Bassoon 2

Sopranino Clarinet (E-flat)

Clarinet 1 (B-flat)

Clarinet 2 (B-flat)

Clarinet 3 (B-flat)

Bass Clarinet (B-flat)

Soprano Saxophone (B-flat)

Alto Saxophone 1 (E-flat)

Alto Saxophone 2 (E-flat)

Tenor Saxophone (B-flat)

Baritone Saxophone (E-flat)

Horn 1 (F)

Horn 2 (F)

Horn 3 (F)

Horn 4 (F)

Cornet 1 (B-flat)

Cornet 2 (B-flat)

Trumpet 1 (B-flat)

Trumpet 2 (B-flat)

Trumpet 3 (B-flat)

Tenor Trombone 1 

Tenor Trombone 2

Bass Trombone



Double Bass


Percussion & Electronics*


World parts: Horns (E-Flat), Trombones (B-Flat), Euphonium (B-Flat), Tuba (E-Flat & B-Flat)


* Triangle, Bell Tree, old Marching Cymbals, Crash Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal, Tam-tam, Metal Chain, 2 Snare Drums, Bass Drum, Crotales, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Marimbaphone, PA system


Program Notes


The sonata describes some moments of the day in a remote mountain village:
The Gray of Dawn - i.e. not wanting to get up while the sun rises over the peaks and 􏰁nally being forced to by a terrible alarm clock, the obligatory Coffee Machine - from the rather uncomfortable perspective of a coffee bean, the Noon Sleepiness - which is almost a legitimation for cozy procrastination, as well as the Hustle and Bustle of Evening - the seeming calming down of such a village, which is broken up by the cheerful, perhaps slightly drunk village band.


In the rather abstract second movement, the orchestra is accompanied by a tape that consists entirely of electronically altered instrumental recordings.


Orchestra - Sonata No. 2 by Julien Meisenzahl (Germany)

  • Composer

    At the University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart, Julien Meisenzahl got his master’s degree in concert band conducting in 2021 and school music with his graduation subjects conducting and composition in 2020. Furthermore he studied a teaching degree in mathematics and computer science at the universities of Heidelberg and Stuttgart.


    During their joint commitment by the Blasmusikverband Baden-Württemberg for the Jugendmusikcamp 2019, he got to know his friends and colleagues Dirk Mattes und Dominik Wagner. During the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, together they started the CD project Orchester*stücke.


    In the same year the Orchestra-Sonata No. 2 (Times of the Day) he contributed was chosen as one of the finalists of the internationally renowned composition contest of the National Band Association. In 2022 the work won the first price of the Third International Composition Contest of the World Association for symphonic Bands and Ensembles.


    Learn more about Julien Meisenzahl.

  • Grade

    5 - 6

  • Duration


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